Right now, we are all living through the Covid 19 experience. We are living through history. This is a world-wide pandemic and it has caused cities, states, and even some entire countries to shut down. What it means in entertainment amounts to very little compared to what it means for other areas of people’s lives, be it health issues or financial problems. That being said, let’s try and make the most out of this and have a little fun by talking about the movies. After all, we all need entertainment of some kind, one way or another.

And that’s the mentality that has got Netflix and Disney Plus, as well as other streaming services, being the most popular locations in town. With everyone stuck at home, the only thing to do is watch TV. And this is why Ozark Season 3 is more popular than seasons 1 or 2 ever were. It’s the reason why Tiger King, a documentary about a very sad and disturbed group of people, became a world wide phenomenon. And it’s the reason why we have to take what we can get and look to see what the options are that are out there.

Disney Plus has probably come through the strongest at this time, of the streaming services, releasing whatever they can as quickly as they can. First it was releasing Frozen 2 to the streaming platform months and months ahead of time. Then it was the movie Onward, being released to streaming just one month after it was put out in theaters. Now, theaters are of course closed down at this point, and have been for over a month. So Disney has got to be thinking, what’s the point of holding back on releasing this? Release it now, when it’s hot, and get people excited. Maybe get some new subscribers, and for everyone else, just make them really happy. And they’re right. Disney Plus also released a great documentary series on the making of the Mandolorian Streaming show, right in time for May the Fourth, (also known as Star Wars day.) Speaking of May the Fourth, Disney Plus also started streaming the new Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker, on that date.

Netflix is also doing well, although their content is more original material, whereas Disney has access to the big stuff that we were all going to the theaters to see. With Netflix, it’s been Tiger King and Ozark, but also this new Chris Hemsworth movie, Extraction, which has done so well that there is already a sequel in the works. And Netflix has bought up properties that did not get a theatrical run like they were supposed to, such as The Lovebirds with Kumail Nanjiani. That one looks pretty funny and will start streaming next month. So despite being in a tough situation, and being stuck inside, there’s a lot to watch. Thank goodness Disney Plus launched last year. They’ve got their entire Marvel movie catalogue online (minus three movies, which are streaming on Netflix,) and their entire Star Wars catalogue online (minus Han Solo, also Netflix.) It’s a good time to have streaming at home.