Disney Plus and the New Landscape of Streaming


It’s here. It’s arrived. And it is even better than one might have expected. We knew it was going to have some Star Wars content and some a Marvel content, for example. What we didn’t know was that it was going to feature nearly everything under the banner of these name brand companies. Seriously. Every Marvel movie, starting with Iron Man (2008,) which was the very first one in the MCU. The only exceptions are the four still left on Netflix, and their clock is ticking. Once their licenses expire (all within the next 6 months,) where do you think they’re going? From here on out, it’s all Disney Plus. Let me explain why…


Disney Plus combines four huge companies. Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. Sometime in the near future, we’ll get the content from Fox as well, (Avatar is already up there on the site, for example, but the X Men movies are nowhere to be found. Yet.) But the names that are on this site already are tremendous. Just the content from Marvel and Star Wars alone is a  fanboy nerd’s ultimate fantasy come to life. And in one’s own living room, no less. So let’s slow it down a bit and go category by category.


Right here, we’ve suddenly got access to the old classics (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia, Winnie The Pooh,) as well as the 90s animated classics, (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King.) There’s even the live action versions of these films…Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo. And you can bet that the live action versions of Aladdin and The Lion King are headed this way. This category also features shows from the 90s, like Chip N Dales Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, and best of all… Duck Tales! And then it’s got tons of live action Disney Movies from over the years, like Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Flight of the Navigator, National Treasure, Tron: Legacy, and much more.


Everything the studio has released, starting with Toy Story, is on this sight. Monsters Inc, Ratatouille, Up, Wall E, Big Hero 6, Wreck It Ralph, it’s all here. Anything you’ve missed, (The Cars Movies, for example,) this place has got it. And Pixar makes some pretty great movies. Nearly every one of these was a success. It’s nice to have them all in one place.


This is the big time. The other categories are all nice, but at the end of the day, this is what it really comes down to. All Marvel movies (except the ones still on Netflix, ) all in one place. Plus there are animated cartoon series’ from over the years., such as the 90s X-Men and Spider Man shows. Oh and there’s a whole d as late of upcoming Marvel spin-off shows, starting the actors from the movies. There’s a Loki series, a Wanda Vision series, and a Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series. And those are just the first three. They’re all headed this way in the future.


Star Wars


Everything not on Netflix: so everything but The Last Jedi and Solo. And just like Marvel, those movies are headed to Disney Plus soon. In both cases, no more of these movies are going to Netflix. So it won’t be long before every single Marvel movie, and every single Star Wars movie is on Disney Plus. For now, what we’ve got on there is already pretty close.


In the case of Star Wars, we’re talking about all three original films, all three prequels, The Force Awakens, and Rogue One. So nearly the entire collection. And then there’s the Mandolorian.

That’s the first Disney Plus original series.. (like those ones we’re gonna be getting from Marvel in the future.) And boy is it good. Made with the kind of budget you’d expect to see in the movies, with an indie vibe in terms of pace and storytelling, this show is pretty entertaining. And Disney Plus is taking the approach of releasing one episode a week, the way shows used to do. This is the way to get water cooler moments, we’re people are talking to each other about the show. And it’s already working.

in fact, everything about Disney Plus is already working. This is the future. It’s the future of streaming and of in home entertainment. And so far, it’s off to one hell of a start.