Superhero Movies, 2016

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Superhero Movies. It’s a genre that has taken over. Now, that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. On the positive side of it, we now get a whole lot of options and a whole lot to choose from. Characters who we never thought we’d see brought to the big screen, (Ant Man,) are now getting their own films.

On the negative side of things, with everyone trying to cash in on the craze, plenty of products that are being turned out are not very good. The Amazing Spider Man 2 screwed up in all kinds of ways, starting with the trailer. The Josh Trank directed Fantastic Four film was also a mess, and that one was due to a studio that had no faith in its director. Finally, there is Batman Vs Superman, which might or might not be good. I’m hoping for the best, but the latest trailer, which shows both Doomsday and Wonder Woman at the end, really gives away too much. Have we learned nothing from that Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer, where the Rhino was featured front and center? He turned out to be the very last scene of the film. Talk about giving away too much.

Here is the lineup of Superhero films coming out in 2016.


Deadpool   (February)

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (March)

Captain America: Civil War (May)

X-Men Appocalypse (May)

Suicide Squad (August)

Gambit (October)

Doctor Strange (November)