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One Liner Review:

An intentionally offensive, but unintentionally annoying movie that is sometimes funny, but more often just tiring.

Brief Review:


InAPPropriate Comedy was a dumb attempt to cash in on youthful offensiveness. I say youthful, because the jokes are certainly extreme and reality-like. This is like jackass meets Borat. Only, unlike much of those movies / shows, this whole thing is scripted. That kind of defeats the purpose at what those other things is doing. The movie definitely has ambition and wants to be something different, but it is just misguided and ends up falling flat on its face.


As far as the “different,” thing, the idea to this movie is to show a series of skits. Each one is like an r rated Saturday Night Live skit. Now, that’s not a bad idea right there. I mean, it’s basically an updated version of Kentucky Fried Movie, the classic Seventies film that was outrageously creative and funny. But here how this movie differs from that one… in Kentucky Fried Movie, each skit was different. It just went from one to the next without any connection or continuation of narrative. Inappropriate comedy doesn’t have enough ideas to do that.


Instead, it has handful ideas. About five or six total. And it makes each of those ideas into a skit and then comes back to that same skit again and again. So we end up seeing about five or six short skits intercut with each other, over and over again. And the problem is that each one of these skits is a one-joke thing. So it’s funny the first time (sometimes), but after that it just gets repetitive.


In other words, the movie starts out strong, because we are seeing each of the jokes and skits for the very first time. But then as it goes on and just keeps repeating itself, it gets worse and worse. There is supposed to be a sort of host to this thing, who is the director of the film, nick offer. His character sits in a subway tunnel / sewer, turning on a fan and subway sounds to try to get Lindsay Lohan’s dress to blow up in the air, like Marylyn Monroe. That idea is funny, especially with the fake subway sounds, but why is she standing on the platform to begin with if she doesn’t want her dress to blow up? It might have been funnier if she didn’t realize it was happening.


Well, this host of the movie, when he’s not trying to get Lohan’s dress in the air, is sitting there in the tunnel playing with an IPad, selecting apps off of it. And each app stands for one of these skits. So that’s where the title of the movie comes from. And while the concept might be cool, the problem is that while he’s got at least twenty different apps on the screen, he only picks the same five or so of them, again and again. And that gets tiresome. When he starts picking skits that we’ve seen before and have now gotten sick of, such as black ass, we start to groan. Seeing what’s about to come ends up being a bad thing, making the movie feel like a somewhat painful experience.


The first of the real skits that the movie gives us is Adrian Brody playing flirty harries. He’s a tough toned, quick talking cop, just like Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, only everything he says sounds sexual. If this isn’t a skit right out of Saturday night live, then I don’t know what is. Still, it’s the most fun of any of the skits in the movie. Every line Brody says is perfectly delivered and can really exist in both worlds, of the tough talking cop and also the sexual gay guy. He says lines like, “I pinned their Asses to the wall and busted one inside them.”


I wish I could say the other skits were funnier than this, but they really aren’t. There is one other one that is half decent, and it too gets old after the first time we see it. That skit is called the amazing racist, and it is basically just about a guy who is huge racist and tries all kind of offensive gimmicks to get people upset. He messes with Mexicans, Chinese, Jewish people, and black people. The first time he does it, it involves locking a Mexican guy in a cage and it’s so sudden and unexpected, that it’s funny. But after that it’s just the same thing again and again. And yes, there are moments that are funny and ridiculous, like when he tapes a Chinese person’s eyes opened, but it’s mostly just dumb.


The rest of the skits are pretty much not funny at all. There’s the show black ass, which really is just about white people being scared of black people. And considering that the black guys in this show act like gangsters, have weapons and cursing going on, and are trying to scare the white people, it’s not really all that surprising that the white people are scared. What might have been funnier would have been if the black people really were nice and gentle and the white people were still scared. Instead, we get a white woman trying to find a babysitter for her kid and being confronted by a room of these black guys sitting around cursing and playing with weapons. Is it really surprising that she doesn’t trust them with her kid?


There’s also rob Schneider on hand here as a porno critic who sits in a balcony with Michelle Rodriguez and critiques the movies. The problem is, they aren’t really pornos. There is no nudity, and in fact very often there aren’t even any women. The running joke here is kind of funny, because Rob Schneider just wants to see some naked women, but again, it is a one second joke that is dragged out for way too long. It’s like that line from Eurotrip, “I saw a gay porno once, and didn’t realize it until halfway through the movie. The women never came.” and that line worked in that movie because it was just one line. Imagine watching that for a whole sketch. Then imagine watching that same sketch repeat itself and keep coming back in your face a bunch of times.


There were definitely some good ideas here, but there just weren’t enough of them. If the movie had gone the Kentucky Fried Movie route and featured all different skits, it could have been worthwhile. At the very least, it would have been like watching an R rated version of Saturday Night Live. But by repeating itself with the same skits continuously coming back, it really limited it’s potential and through us into a world of repetitive one note jokes. To make matter worse, the jokes really do get worse in the second half of the movie. It’s not just that we are tired of them or have seen them before. It’s also that the writers have run out of energy. How else do you explain a guy putting cheese at the end of his dick and having a rat follow it, nibbling it, until his dick gets right over a rat trap. Do you think the rattrap is going to come down on the guy’s dick? And do you think all of the characters in the skit are going to act surprised that this happened? That’s the level of intelligence this movie has going for it. A final complaint about the film is that it could have used some nudity. There was none. What a waste of an R rated film. Nudity in comedy can go a long way. You get a scene of a girl in a dressing room with a magnet in the room so that when she walks out, her clothes are pulled off her and they end up staying in the room, and you might have something. Especially if she doesn’t realize that she’s naked. But this movie, which has guts about everything else, to the point of ultra-stupidity, is afraid to do nudity. What a mess this movie is.



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