I Care A Lot   I Heart Hucklebees  I Know What You Did Last Summer
            I Robot   I, Tonya  I Want You Back
            The Ice Harvest  Identity       Identity Thief
            The Ides of March  The Immitation Game
            The Immortals    In A World
            In And Out  In Bruges  In Like Flint  In the Heights
            In The Loop     In The Valley of Elah
            InAPPropriate Comedy     Inception
            The Incredible Burt Wonderstone    The Incredible Hulk
            The Incredibles    The Incredibles 2
            Independence Day
            Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
            Inferno  The Infiltrator
            Inglorious Basterds    Ingrid Goes West   Inherent Vice
            Inside Lewyn Davis     Inside Man     Inside Out     Insidious       Insidious: Chapter 2
            Insomnia Instant Family  Internal Affairs   The Internship   Intersection    Interstellar
            The Interview   Into The Wild  Into the Woods    The Intouchables
             Invasion of the Body Snatchers
            Inventing The Abbots   Invictus  The Invisible Man  IP Man   The Irishman  The Iron Giant
             Iron Man    Iron Man 2    Iron Man 3  It   It Comes At Night
              It Follows    It’s A Wonderful Life