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The Best Superhero Movies Of All Time (Oct 2023)

Fall Movie Preview, 2023

Mid Year Reflection: Hits and Flops (Aug 2023)

Barbenheimer and What It’s Impact Will Be (July 2023)

How Marvel Dropped The Ball (June 2023)

Summer Movie Preview (May 2023)

Sequel Mania (April 2023)

What This Years Oscar Winners Mean For the Future (March 2023)

The New DCU (Feb 2023)

2022: The Year that Was (Jan 2023)

Looking Ahead at 2023 (Dec 2022)

The State of Superhero Movies (Nov 2022)

Best Halloween Movies (Oct 2022)

Fall and Winter Preview, 2022 (Sept 2022)

Warner Brothers, Looking to get back in the game (August 2022)

What’s Up With the New MCU? (July 2022)

The Best Superhero Shows (June 2022)

Summer Movie Preview (May 2022)

Will, Chris, and the Slap Heard Round the World (April 2022)

Spider Man, Batman, and What It All Means (March 2022)

Oscar Predictions 2022 (Feb 2022)

Most Anticipated Movies of 2022 (Jan 2022)

Nostalgia On All Sides to End 2021 (Dec 2021)

Where Are Superhero Movies Headed? (Nov 2021)

Wrapping Up Another Strange Year (Oct 2021)

A Return to Normalcy (Setp 2021)

Ranking the Movies of the DCEU (Aug 2021)

A Reason To Go Back To Theaters (July 2021)

Disney Plus: Path to Success (June 2021)

Looking Ahead to the Summer (May 2021)

HBO MAX, Emerges and Attacks(April 2021)

Marvel Movie Reflections: Phase One

The Future of Marvel (March 2021)

Looking Back at 2020 (Feb 2021)

Christopher Nolan Vs Warner Brothers (Jan 2021)

Is Streaming The Only Future We’ve Got Left?  (Dec 2020)

Nostalgia Paves the New Superhero Way (Nov 2020)

Shows Worth The Stream (Oct 2020)

Film Noir of the 90s: A Look Back in Time (Sept 2020)

DC Fandome: The Next Evolution (August 2020)

Netflix Movies: Finally Getting Good (July 2020)

Summer 2020 – the Plan vs the Reality (June 2020)

Quarantine: What Does It Mean? (May 2020)

Upcoming Superhero Slate (April 2020)


Tracking the Tracking (March 2020)


Oscar Predictions, 2020 (Feb, 2020)


The Best Movies of the Decade (Jan 2020)


Netflix Finds Its Niche  (Dec 2019)

Disney Plus and the New Landscape of Streaming (Nov 2019)

 Scorcese vs Marvel (and how even The Joker plays a part.) (Oct 2019)

Fall Movie Preview (Sept 2019)

Comic Con 2019 (August 2019)

Dark Phoenix and Ranking the X-Men Movies (July 2019)

James Gunn and How Everyone Won (June 2019)

Summer Movie Preview (May 2019)

DC Course Correction (April 2019)

Netflix Vs Spielberg (March 2019)

Oscar Movies, Hopes, and Predictions (Feb 2019)

The Awards Season / Winter Roundup (Jan 2018)

2019: Looking Ahead (Dec 2018)

Timing is Everything (Nov 2018)

Keeping Up To Date With Marvel (Oct 2018)

Fall Movie Preview (Sept 2018)

Two Joker Movies and How DC Executives Lost Their Minds (August 2018)

Summer Box Office Predictions (July 2018)

The Superhero Movie Game in 2019 (June 2018)

Summer Movie Preview (May 2018)

Why is Fox Pulling X-Men? (April 2018)

Superhero Movies of 2018 (March 2018)

Oscar Predictions (Feb 2018)

Disney Buys Fox: What This Means for Movies (Jan 2018)

Justice League: What Went Wrong? (Dec 2017)

How Marvel Movies Changed The Game (Nov 2017)

Venom: An Unusually Fantastic Cast (Oct 2017)

Fall Movie Preview (Sept 2017)

Mid Year Review: The Best and the Most Popular (August 2017)

Star Wars, Han Solo and the Firing of its Directors (July 2017)

Spider Man, Venom, and two studios NOT sharing well (June 2017)

Summer Movie Preview (May 2017)

Superhero Movies Coming Soon (April 2017) 

Is March the New May? (March 2017)

Oscar Race 2017 (Feb 2017)

Most Anticipated Films of 2017 (Jan 2017)

The Year in Movies (Dec 2016)

“Marvel” At the Movies (Nov 2016)

Upcoming Action Movies (Oct 2016)

Fall Movie Preview (Sept 2016)

Comic Con: 2016 (Aug 2016)

2016: Mid Year Roundup (July 2016)

Han Solo Casting and the State of Star Wars (June 2016)

Cinemacon 2016 (May 2016)

The Next Big Trend (April 2016)

The State of Superhero Movies (March 2016)

Most Anticipated Movies of 2016 (Feb 2016)

Year End Round Up, 2015 (Jan 2016)

Christmas Movies (Dec 2015)

A Winter Worth Watching (Nov 2015)

The End of 2015 (Oct 2015)

Summer of Universal (Sept 2015)

2015 So Far (Aug 2015)

Spy Movie Franchises (Aug, 2015)

Comic Con 2015 (July, 2015)

Sequels and Remakes News (June, 2015)

2014: Year in Review

2013: Year In Review

2012: Year In Review

2011: Year in Review

2010: Year in Review

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